Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy Haul Trucking for the Sand, Frac, and Oilfield Industry

Our Heavy Oilfield Service can haul your drilling and frac equipment  wherever you need it. Our experienced drivers get equipment on and off your site properly and safely.

Our team fully understands the hazards and regulations involved in your challenging work environment, and we have the experience to safely navigate even the most challenging work environments. Let us focus on hauling sand, so you can focus on taking the oil from the ground. Give us a call today to learn more and schedule your next hauling job.

Watt & Stewart's heavy haul trucks are capable of hauling various types of equipment such as storage silos, pipe and drilling equipment. Oilfield hauling needs more than a tractor, it requires well-trained drivers who can properly secure the large and expensive equipment, and who can handle large loads and take them off the highway back to the site of the oilfield.

Heavy Haul Services Our Heavy Haul Services include: Equipment Hauling, Frac Sand Haulers, Haz Mat Hauling, Hot Shots, Pipe Hauling, Rig Movers, Winch Trucks. Semi Truck Hauling Tires