Watt & Stewart Employment Opportunities

Why Watt & Stewart?

Watt & Stewart is a leader in the North American Flatbed and Specialized Hauling industry. We offer top-notch training and experience to anyone looking to either start or further their career on the road. We service a stable client base, running established lanes all over Canada and the USA.


At Watt & Stewart we believe that hard work and a good attitude should be rewarded and as such we are dedicated to offering our employees Competitive Pay, Medical Benefits and Safety and Productivity Bonuses. Watt & Stewart is a leader in the industry when it comes to wages and benefits. Ask about our new pay package!

Medical Benefit Plans Our benefits plans are tailored around the area in which you work. Regardless if you are a Canadian Driver or US Driver we have a plan that will meet your needs.

Safety Bonus Depending on the fleet you choose to join at Watt & Stewart we have safety bonus packages in place. Call and ask about the bonus program you fit into.
   Mileage Bonus        Our Over-the-Road divisions pay a      mileage bonus to drivers that maximize their productivity. Call your recruiter today!!