Our Team

A message from Neil Watt & John Stewart

Many times as managers and owners we are asked...

"What is Watt & Stewart Commodities anyway?", and many times we have to ask ourselves what we really are. The best way to describe our company is.....that it is a DREAM. A dream that started in the hearts and minds of two young farm kids, and a dream that is still unfolding today. As youngsters, we grew up with the value of being a good neighbour, which involved truth and integrity, a sincere appreciation for others, and an appreciation for the rewards of a hard day's work. Also as almost any young farm boy can tell you, it is very difficult to grow up without a true sense of pride in your equipment, and we were no different. So the dream really became twofold; to build a company around our "good neighbour" values, and to carry that to our customers and employees with the best equipment we could buy.

In order to build the company, we would have to know what a "good neighbour" attitude was to us, so we could share and build that attitude. A GOOD NEIGHBOUR COMPANY really means having a sense of fair play in the market place. It means telling the truth about why your trucks are late, not some story about how the truck is supposedly broken down. It means doing an honest day's work for an honest day's pay, not necessarily the cheapest, but the one who brings the best value. It means a willingness to give when the need arises, with the knowledge that good friends and customers will return the favour sometimes when you need it. It means doing the best job you can so that it makes someone else's job a little easier, and it means seeing things honestly from the other person's point of view, so we understand why the customer needs it Friday afternoon instead of Monday morning. By building this kind of attitude from the president right through to the drivers, we will be able to make the DREAM move forward and our customers go...W.O.W!!!! And how will we know when we get there? Well, to us the condition of W.O.W. will be fulfilled when our customers say W.O.W. (What Outstanding Work).

Being a "good neighbour company" that strives to create a WOW experience takes a very special group of people. It means building a team where everyone on board wants to do ordinary things in an extraordinary way. That means that everybody has to pay attention to the smallest details and be 100% accountable for what they say they are going to do. Putting together a group of people that can make those WOW experiences happen is very rewarding for our company because it tends to build customer relations that grow into long term friendships and become rewarding for everyone involved.

Well, that's our vision of a "good neighbour company", but we need a vehicle to get it from our company to our customers. The vehicle that we chose to connect with our customers is a first class fleet of trucks and trailers that are the envy of the industry, and the pride of two farms kids with a dream for the future. Not a boastful pride, but a genuine pride earned by loading good freight on class equipment and having it arrive when the customer wants it, with a driver that is clean, friendly and courteous.

BIG GOALS! BIG DREAMS! BIG VISIONS! You're right! They are! But we think that they are possible and worth it. OUR INVITATION TO YOU, IS TO LET US TRY TO MAKE YOU SAY ... W.O.W!!!, and help us to change you from a stranger to a customer to a friend over time.


Neil and John